Helium Gas Hire

Gas Hire at UpUpAndAway

Helium gas cylinders can be hired from one of our stores or you can collect from a depot local to yourself for a small fee of £6.50. (WHOLESALE ONLY)

You will need to call us if you wish to arrange this service.

A refundable deposit of £150.00 is needed in order to hire a gas cylinder. On each gas cylinder there is a monthly rental charge of £7.00 or £6.00(gas club) per calendar month.

Please find the list of prices for each type of helium cylinder below.

Want to save even more money? Then join our Gas Club! (Highly recommended) You will need to supply payment details to us so we can take automatic gas rental charges from your card.

Gas Cylinders


All prices quoted are excluding vat.

No other discounts apply.

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